Now offering Classes!

I am so excited to be able to offer our childbirth and breastfeeding classes to the women in Lake Jackson, Angleton, Clute, and beyond!  I attended a Lamaze class (my mother was a fan when I was born) before the birth of my first baby.  I remember researching the different classes offered in my area, and trying to figure out the difference between all the methods available in our city.  In the end, it came down to finding a class that would both accommodate our busy schedule and offer me choices.  I knew unmedicated births were supposed to be best, but as a first time mom, I didn't know what my body was capable of!  

The Lamaze class we attended (the weekend before our son was born- we have GREAT timing) was nothing like my mom described.  No women rhythmically panting, no awkwardness, and no horrifying videos (my partner may have a different perspective).  It was especially helpful because we were able to note the benefits and drawbacks of each choice in our healthcare, make a birth plan that didn't send the nurses running from us, and helped us to understand that while we may have birth preferences, we should be flexible if things didn't go like we planned.

This happened to be just the case, and while our birth was absolutely amazing, we had to adjust our plans quite a bit.  We needed a medical induction just before 37 weeks, I ended up with an epidural, and I pushed for 2 hours since my generous anesthesiologist left me completely numb below the belly button.  Since we were concerned about my baby's health, his cord was cut by the midwife and instead of being placed skin-to-skin he was whisked away to be examined for what felt like years (it was probably 3-5 minutes in reality). For my next birth, I watched my health carefully and chose to use a different setting for our birth.  I ended up changing my provider at 35 weeks.  I hired a doula that could work better with my personality (I personally need someone to get in my face and help me focus- maybe you need a sweet motherly type, or your best friend, or your partner).

That birth was also amazing.  I gave birth to my son on my due date (a rare treat) in a gorgeous birthing center with no medication. Knowing yourself in birth and knowing how to make the decisions that will help you have the birth you desire is so important.  

My goal in these classes is to help you have the tools necessary to make those important decisions.  Do you want an unmedicated birth?  Do you want the epidural?  Do you not know yet?  Do you need a cesarean?  Our classes are designed to be helpful for any of these scenarios.  The day you meet your baby is life-changing.  Being an active part of the decision making process will help you feel empowered and ready to take on motherhood.