What to do when you are overdue?

I will never forget how long the last few weeks of pregnancy felt for my last baby.  My mother-in-law had come to help me because I was just SO DONE.  My due date was November 9, but I had checked out before Halloween.  October 31st I out trick-or-treated the whole family.  "Just one more block" I said hopefully, in case it was the magical number of steps to get me to go into labor.  The next day we walked half a mile to the Bartlesville library for books.  I climbed stairs and bounced on exercise balls, made meals and took long baths.  I watched youtube videos on acupressure points and pleaded with my belly to please get this show on the road.  

None of this mattered until my baby was ready.  I just got swollen ankles and felt tired.  In hindsight I wish I had read this article from Lamaze for Parents!  I would have loved to have had some grab and go meals ready, a few more days to realize I didn't have as many diapers as I thought, and maybe a fresh pedicure since the next few weeks were pretty busy focusing on the new person in my life.  Maybe you are like a friend of mine who feels very strongly about having everything in her pantry labeled.  Maybe you want to wash and organize the baby's closet.  Maybe you want to go out with a good friend and do something fun together! Planning a few days of activities to fill your days might be just the distraction you need, or the last minute checklist that will help you feel more prepared!