Lamaze... like the breathing?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Childbirth Education methods.  Why choose the classes at Village Birth, over the hospital class or any of the many other options you might have heard of?  

Most people have heard of Lamaze classes- my exposure was that my mom took them when she was pregnant with me.  One of my coworkers likes to remind her clients to use patterned breathing and swears it helped her to have her babies naturally back in the 70's and 80's.  
"Just go 'Hee hee whoooooo...'- it worked like a charm for me!" But that is not why I became a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  Patterned breathing seemed a bit silly after my first labor, because that whole ordeal was HARD.  

I chose to get my training through Lamaze because once I started reading about each particular style of childbirth education, I realized that not every method worked for every woman.  And if you chose a method that turned out to not be your cup of tea- well, then there weren't many tricks left in that bag to lean on when labor got tough. I read voraciously and planned on a medication free childbirth with my first baby, but when a medical issue popped up in my third trimester that lead to a medically necessary induction, I was thankful for the informed decision making skills taught in my Lamaze childbirth classes when my birth plan had to be dramatically altered.

For my second child I looked into Bradley Childbirth classes, Hypnobirthing, and read anything Ina Mae Gaskin wrote.  Each book had something to offer, but after doing some digging around I would learn about pieces of each plan that didn't quite fit my needs.  Or the needs of many of the women I knew and worked with in breastfeeding.  Lamaze changed their focus from patterned breathing to evidence-based information, multiple coping strategies for women who wanted natural pain relief, information for women who chose to use medication for pain (or medical reasons) but wanted as few interventions as possible, and helpful information for women who might need a cesarean.  There was no judgement, or shaming.  Lamaze taught me how to give women the information they needed to make the most informed decisions for birth.  It will show you how to open the lines of communication with your birth team.  It helps you know your options, and feel empowered enough to be your own advocate. 

And, if you are stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital, I can show you some breathing patterns to get through those wicked car contractions! ;)