Birth Doula Services


Birth Doula Services

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Includes a prenatal appointment to assess birth preferences, unlimited on-call support for questions via phone call, email, or text, active birth support in labor and assistance with breastfeeding after birth, and followup postpartum visit when mom and baby are ready.  Basic photography of labor and birth can also be included if desired.

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How can a birth doula help you?  Doulas are knowledgeable about birth and can help reassure you and provide suggestions on comfort measures for you and your partner.  Whether you are wanting an unmedicated birth, an epidural, or are planning a cesarean birth, a doula can help provide comfort, reassurance, and help you to understand your options for delivery.  Birth outcomes and maternal satisfaction of their birth experiences are both more likely to be better if families use doula services.  

Doula Packages:

Basic Birth Support - Includes one prenatal visit, unlimited phone and text support, labor support, up to 4 hours of breastfeeding and transitional support, and a follow-up postpartum visit.

Birth Class and Labor Support Services - Comes with everything included with Basic Birth Support but also includes a childbirth education class

Labor Support and Breastfeeding Assessment - Comes with everything included with Basic Birth Support package plus an in-home lactation consultation to assist with any breastfeeding issues.

Premium Birth Support Package - Basic Birth Support, Childbirth Education Class, and an In-Home Lactation Consultation to assist with any breastfeeding issues.