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Your classes were excellent in preparing us for delivery, though ours was a unique one... I wound up having the completely natural birth I was hoping for: I labored at home, we had no pain medications, no issues with IV or constant monitoring, no internal monitoring, no excessive medical interventions, etc...

Thank you so much for all your preparation! Due to your instruction we were able to enter delivery calmly and prepared with coping mechanisms galore. We would highly recommend Village Birthing Center to anyone expecting babies!!
— Autumn (former student)
I sat on my birth ball almost the entire time except once I got closer to wanting to push they had me get into bed. I pushed on hands and knees and squatting (they couldnt find the squat bar but I used a nurse and Alex for support) a little while but then rolled over to push the rest of the time. She was born at 6:08 pm. I didn’t tear or anything. She was 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 3/4 inches long. We did immediate skin to skin contact for about an hour and a half and delayed cord clamping. We got to give her her first bath and we left the hospital 24 hours after her first feeding which was about 2 hours after she was born. They basically followed my birth plan exactly how I had it. I was able to walk the halls, had intermittent monitoring and was able to eat light snacks and drinks to keep hydrated. It was a great experience and the nurse on duty stayed with us in my room the entire time helping to time contractions and make conversation.
— DeAndra (former student)
I thought using a doula would be a little awkward and Intrusive for our experience, but honestly you were a complete asset the whole time and really only enhanced the birth for both Daniel and me. We were able to focus on us and what we were doing because we had someone else there to handle the details, reassure us that what we were experiencing was normal, and help mitigate self doubt. Especially as first time parents, that was invaluable.
— Kaleigh (former student and doula client)
Our baby was born on the 5th. We are so happy to have him with us! We wanted to thank you for EVERYTHING you taught us!! Labor went exactly like we wanted. it was 100% natural and- even though it hurt really bad- it was something I could bear and my partner was the perfect help throughout the night! Thank you SO much!!!!!
— Regina (former student)